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Long time no post

I updated the Press page with some more recent coverage. I apologize to the sites we missed, as its getting to be a pain updating the thing, I didnt even bother cropping images this time 🙂

There is so much stuff that has been done lately, its a little crazy. As you can see, we released a major update with a UI release. We also have friends and groups coming in within 48 hours. We have just finalized a major deal with a very large website to have aftervote be the exclusive search provider (when I say big site, I mean top 250 alexa) – This will give AfterVote a huge amount of traffic, which will directly place us in the top 10 biggest search engines- Even above some of the behemoths like dogpile and metacrawler.  If you havent stopped by aftervote in a while- go check it out. There is alot of new stuff to play with.


Some new features to have fun with :)

Its 3am and I am dead tired, but I just have to post about these new features before I crash.

The first thing we did, was add a new feature to hopefully make Aftervote easier to navigate for first time users. The idea is to allow new users to choose a search level, which will only enable certain features, making things (hopefully) easier for them to transition to.

The settings for this work out to be:

Legend: AOA = all of above, RR = Results Returned, SS = Safe Search

Globals = PDF/DOC=No show, Privacy=OFF, Weights=100/100/100, Hide Blacklist

Basic = Result, Summary, URL, Open Supplementals, RR=10/10, SS=On, Voting Frame=OFF
Intermediate = AOA + Commenting, Closed Supplementals, Tagging, Pagerank, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, RR=50/50, SS=On, Voting Frame=ON
Advanced = AOA + Sorting, Closed Supplementals, Black/Whitelist, Alexa, RR=100/100, SS=Off, Voting Frame=ON


Thats not all though, Oh no- its not even close to being done yet.
Say hello to video search, foreign charachter support, major speed improvements, tons of bug fixes and of course -miscellaneous spelling fixes! 😀

Check the Changelog for more info.

Commenting, tagging, accounts ahoy!

So the main issue we are having now is people want to customize AV more than we can allow as of yet. So we are responding to this by introducing some new features, Mainly account based. We will be also rolling out a one click social bookmarking service similar to delicious. With accounts comes Tagging and search via tags, as well as comments per result. We will also be introducing a wiki/forum system for registered volunteers to vote on the legitimacy of anything that gets marked as spam. By using a wiki system, people will be unable to just downvote all the competition as it will need to be reviewed first. We also implemented quietly our new anti promotion algorithms today. This will monitor the average # of searches per hour for a term, and if it finds that in a certain hour a abnormal amount of votes is cast, it will disregard them and ban the offending user from voting for 60 days.

I gotta tell you though, I am most excited for the commeting and tagging though. This basically turns the entire web into a forum, and the possiblitys really become endless for the type of social aggregation that can be done. Im thinking stuff like pipes and links to similar pages, Labels, Shortcuts and so much more. Really, this thing just kicks so much ass I cant wait to roll it out.

Cheers all

Rebranding and Responding to User Feedback

Almost two weeks ago, Younanimous was featured on Digg. We’ve been hard at work developing new features and ideas generated from the comments and feedback submissions we’ve received. Thank you to those who left us feedback, we sincerely appreciate it!

We would like to present a partial list of features which were requested by our users:

1. Rebranding – Younanimous is now known as AfterVote – which reflects our idea of using social search to vote relevant sites to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Previously, we were known as because we wanted to emphasize user privacy. However, a majority of our users felt the name was too long and hard to remember. Just as before, AfterVote does not save any personal information or search history, and does not require an account. Users are tracked via a salted IP Hash which cannot be used to identify anyone.

2. Blacklist/Whitelist – Are you sick of Wikipedia dominating your results? If so, simply Blacklist it and never see results from them again. On the other hand, if Wikipedia is your primary source of information, Whitelist the site and results from Wikipedia, pertaining to your query, will show up first. You can even place low ranking results to the top. Blacklisting or Whitelisting domains is user-specific and does not affect everyone using AfterVote.

3. Dynamic Sorting – If you want to see how AfterVote’s results compare to Google, Yahoo or MSN you can click their respective icons and instantly see how their results would be displayed.

4. Passive Voting – Unhappy with the results you’re finding? If you continuously visit a site, hit the Back button, and find a more relevant site, our algorithm is able to distinguish whether or not you found a site helpful. It will passively vote for the relevant site and improve our algorithm. If the site was particularly helpful, you can still manually vote for it as well!

5. Weighting System – Give greater weight to the search engines – MSN, Yahoo, or Google – you favor.

Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming features, including: allowing users to use custom CSS stylesheets, static or dynamic widgets, saving search history, and social bookmark integration with public or private settings as well as commenting on results.

A brief introduction to AfterVote

I am writing this post to introduce any new users or old users who havent reviewed the site in a week or so, To let everyone catch up on whats new, and whats shaking. I would say the most obvious thing is that we have changed names to AfterVote as it reflects accurately what we accomplish, by voting on pre-established algorithms from major search engines, then voting on them afterwards.

So to the Newbie, What is AfterVote? Simply, Its a customizable search engine that takes results from Google, MSN and Yahoo, and combines the data into one big search mash up. The advantage of AfterVote over all other engines is the ability to input dynamic widgets and statuses per result and you have as much tools as you could want to define your own, personal algorithm. No accounts are required, No personal info is saved, Its completely anonymous as well- We keep track of you via a salted IP Hash, which cannot lead back to you.

So what features do we have? We have a Blacklist and White list, which will respectively remote a site from results (from your view) permanently, and white list will prioritize a site to the #1 position for your view, even if its #30.

We also have dynamic widgets for Alexa, Pagerank, StumbleUpon and more, which give valueable data about EACH result. There is Live sorting, which will let you instantly view how the results appear in google, msn or yahoo- Or even by highest pagerank or alexa first.

There are tons of static widgets which let your results be interacted with by popular services like, digg, blogger, and much more.

We have a stat bar to the left of each result, showing the position the result was in each respective engine. We have a weighting system which lets you choose which engine has the best results.

In short, You can customize almost every aspect of AfterVote (Soon, Even the CSS)

So why is this different than the other social search engines? Simple- We take the ‘known to all’ ‘digg style’ algorithm, and apply a passive voting system to traditional results. The problem with diggs voting system is that only a very small percentage of motivated users vote on a story, or comment. Because of this, cliques and groups start to form, sharing interests, which will remove diversity. By using our silent method, we track where you click, if you come back and much more- Every result you click is a vote that AfterVote understands. As we gather more data, and results are not public melting-pot views on voting becomes a non issue, as does abuse and gaming.

Since we initially launched AfterVote (Then Younanimous) we have done 7 major updates, (Yes, Including a Opera fix) and have accomplished alot of what we initially wanted for AfterVote. Up next, we will be adding in features which will take search to the next level. One has to realize, that even if google, yahoo or msn was to ever release a social search engine (Which yahoo sort of has) The results will never be as good as AfterVotes’ simply because of the diversity that we bring. We are currently receiving a peak of 6500 searches per hour, and a little over 100k searches per day. Thanks for making AfterVote grow!

Here is a sneak peak at whats next for AfterVote – As you can see its mostly account based:

User accounts creation / data saving

>>Social Bookmarking ala delicious with pub or private settings
>>Tagging results (goes with above, I suppose)
>>Search history (option to save or not)
>>Comments on results
>>”last time you searched, you chose …”
>> would aggregate 72 hours popular public bookmarks
>>Ability for users to submit there own custom css, or custom widgets (static or dynamic)

Release 8 is live!

Well, we have put release 8 live.

Check out the Changelog to get a idea of some of the changes we did. Up next is video search + optional user accounts + commenting + custom bookmarking service + fixing all the bugs we just created.

And just a note to everyone out in the wilderness- AfterVote is still being self funded. If you know of someone who can throw some (significant) dollars to make AV reach the masses it deserves, please contact us with details. Even if we never receive any capital though, we are still good to go and will continue to make AV the best engine available.

Anyways, Stop reading this and start enjoying the search engine!!

Younanimous is changing names + Updates galore

Do to the (very) popular request of a name change, we are gonna do it. I always felt “you nanimous” was very clever, as it was taking the word unanimous which meant “everyone together agrees” and then applying the ‘you” which would make it more individualistic.
Regardless, in the spirit of being more ‘memorable’ we will henceforth be known as…. AfterVote

No hard spelling, no catchy words.. Just plain and simple, and to the point. We take existing results and vote on them, after initial sorting. Hence, Aftervote.

The current younanimous domains will work, However we will be redirecting them after we feel the new name has caught on.

Anyways, We have been hard at work here to bring you what you want. You can now find in your ‘my settings’ page alot of options that were previously unavailable. We now have weighting per engine, Results Per engine, Dynamic Sort, compete trust ranks, and alot more.

Tonight we will be rolling out a major update as well, Included will be a major speed overhaul (think google speeds) , Opera and Safari fixes, The addition of 50 more plugins (which you will be able to add or remove ala my settings page) , A drastic new UI for all settings pages, Static URLs for configuartions, Indicators for Social Activity (Sort of like the slashdot firehose) and a plethora of minor bug fixes and feature additions.

Stay tuned!

Heres the list of stuff we have recently added.

—Per Engine Weighting
—Fix Social Bookmarking Links
—404 pages
—Fix ‘back button’ issue via ajax
—error handling
— change title on page for search
—install plugin on all pages
—Add Multiple pages ( Ala, 1-2-3-4 next)
—popdown for toolbar
—Add Image search
—Load pr/alexa in group
—widgets are loaded page by page
—scrolling over the install plugin box doesn’t change the mouse when it’s clickable over the x…it’s the I instead of a pointer
—multiline titles fixed once again
—Image preloader installed
—Display result #’s
—fixed some missing images
—image search now has 100 pages
—if you do a search for test then click images, it should just auto search for test on images
—new design
—link to the blog
—only load alexa/pr when page is about to be displayed
—StumbleUpon Directory Listing and Popularity rank
— Traffic and trust rankings
—Settings page – Now you can choose which widgets to have active on searches, Limit File types and Expand supplementals.
—New drop down image for the search plugin install prompt.
—Fixed misc. bugs and spelling errors throughout the site (Still alot more to get though)
—Previous, Next paging issue fixed
—Misc. Bug fixes with loading time issues.
—Beta sorting for dynamic widgets and engines
— widget integration
—Adult search option
—New spiffy AJAX loader style