Great… Another search engine.

Boy do we hear ya, and what makes us think that this has any chance of being better than the all-mighty search gods Google, Yahoo and MSN? Its easy actually. Younanimous is a new twist on a old idea. For years now, sites have existed as “meta search engines” which would search Google, Yahoo and MSN. The problem with these search engines was they were unfeasably slow, as they had to query Google, Yahoo, and MSN before they had anything to display.

Enter Younanimous: With an AJAX backbone, YOU Search Google, MSN, and Yahoo and let us know what you found and then we rank them for you, while providing additional detail about each result such as Alexa ranking, Google Pagerank, domain age and much more.

So what, it’s a fast meta search engine. Who cares? Wait, there’s more… Not only are we a meta search engine, but we also have a passive voting system in place. Today, everyone is familiar with sites like Digg and Shoutwire. These sites let the users decide what is a good story, and what’s not. We are applying this same principle to search results without having to go through all that work of clicking buttons to vote for a site’s “coolness”. Here’s a example. You do a search for “Social Search Engine” and you click the first result. It’s not what you were looking for at all, and is therefore not a useful result for your query. You press the back button and try result #2. Voila! You found exactly what you are looking for. But it’s more than that. Younanimous is analyzing these results and has cast a vote for you, automatically, saying that result #1 wasn’t what you wanted, but #2 was. If you do however find a awesome site, You can manually vote for it as well.

Ever find sites that never have the info you want, but are always at the top of the serps? Yes, we are looking at you Experts-Exchange.com… Well, now you can blacklist pages or entire domains from showing up in your listings, No more crap! And say goodbye to spam. With a “Spam!” Tag, you can help eliminate bogus results from the serps one spam site at a time.

Dont take our word for it, try this. Do a Google, MSN, or Yahoo search for a common spammer term. Viagra would be a good test. Look at how on these engines, spam just takes up all the spots. Now try it on Younanimous. You will be hard pressed to find anything unofficial, and thats why Younanimous works.

Another cool thing is that you don’t need a account to enjoy all the awesomeness of Younanimous. It’s all stored in a cookie! Of course, you can create one if you want to, and share your settings at work and gramma’s house, but it’s totally up to you!

But theres more! Amazing coolness awaits as you can develop your own widgets and algorithms based upon your searches! Do you value Alexa rank more than life itself? Now you can have the sites with the highest Alexa rank at the top! What about a combination of Google Pagerank and Alexa? That works also! Domain age? Yep. Del.icio.us links? Yep. Digg homepaged? Yep. You name it, you can have it.

And finally, We know we dont even ‘come close’ to being as cool as Google. Fact is, we wouldn’t exist without the fantastic work of Google, MSN, and Yahoo. So props to you big company’s who have made the web what it is. We salute you!


17 responses to “About

  1. Howdy,

    Have you a media mailing list so I can plug this on my
    morning radio show?

    Thx, Ay

    (former Toronto resident, Molson drinker and big-time radio personality)

  2. No mailing lists are setup, But please record the plug so we can post it up here!

    Rock on, former canadian 😀 !

  3. Ron, just finished reading the About and its really informative for all groups. You lost me on the last paragraph but there are lots of people that will understand that whole sequence. Here’s the good about this page, you all come across as friendly and personable which is rare and you come across as very informative,helpful and the type of tekkie you can have a beer with which makes people feel at ease which is good. Now the critique, even though you are explaining what the engine does it seems long and drawn out, maybe it could be shortened and the paragraph that says Amazing coolness could maybe used in your opening paragraph, instead of saying oh boy another search engine maybe you could use the hey have you wanted to develop your own widgets etc. Just a thought but it looks good, very informative but it could be shorteded. Thanks

  4. Nah, I disagree with Dawson.
    I am in the middle of writing a blog about younanimous from a web developer’s perspective, and you’re spot on. This explanation is plenty good.
    The average user isn’t even going to bother looking this deep into what younanimous is, they will just be stoked by the fact that they can spend less time searching, and more time getting the information that they crave.

    So Dawson, since your such an expert in writing I have a question for you, have you ever heard of the return key, or a paragraph for that matter?

  5. Heh, I admit proper grammar and spelling was never my strong suit. Might be time to install a spell checker.

    Anyways, I did clear up a bunch of spelling mistakes also.

    Additionally, we have made some major updates, so take a look around the site guys.


  6. Hey!, great job!, you have a great application there!, its really interesting to see how the 3 big players rank a search term!, and its great the possibility to see all of them with 1 click in a ajax web page!
    good luck!

  7. Great project, dude.

    Few questions:
    What about specific encodings? Cyrilic symbols are broken… UTF is broken somewhere. And with this thing, whould be great to switch beetwen google datacenters (google.com -> google.ru -> google.co.uk)

    And, if it’s not big secret. How did you take license for searching?

  8. Specific encodings // Country specific ala local is coming soon.

  9. Cool.

    About licensing, I mean, it’s easy to get results from google (SOAP api…), but yahoo and msn. Does script take em from rss?

  10. We take them via there public API.

  11. Didn’t know about them. Thanks

  12. I have written a chapter titled “International Institute of Knowledge Management” in a book “Information Technology and Economic Development”.

    The abbreviation (IIKM) does not return International Institute of Knowledge Management. Try it yourself! Type IIKM in Google and see what it returns!

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    for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless
    you man. Have a great day. Bye

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