Commenting, tagging, accounts ahoy!

So the main issue we are having now is people want to customize AV more than we can allow as of yet. So we are responding to this by introducing some new features, Mainly account based. We will be also rolling out a one click social bookmarking service similar to delicious. With accounts comes Tagging and search via tags, as well as comments per result. We will also be introducing a wiki/forum system for registered volunteers to vote on the legitimacy of anything that gets marked as spam. By using a wiki system, people will be unable to just downvote all the competition as it will need to be reviewed first. We also implemented quietly our new anti promotion algorithms today. This will monitor the average # of searches per hour for a term, and if it finds that in a certain hour a abnormal amount of votes is cast, it will disregard them and ban the offending user from voting for 60 days.

I gotta tell you though, I am most excited for the commeting and tagging though. This basically turns the entire web into a forum, and the possiblitys really become endless for the type of social aggregation that can be done. Im thinking stuff like pipes and links to similar pages, Labels, Shortcuts and so much more. Really, this thing just kicks so much ass I cant wait to roll it out.

Cheers all


3 responses to “Commenting, tagging, accounts ahoy!

  1. Commenting and tagging is a win win for media sites and their readers because it provides free bonus content for the media site and allows information exchange between the community that visits the site. It has also proven to be very effective at creating inbound links so everyone benefits.
    Web 2.0 is finally catching on.

  2. Love the tagging and commenting plan. The good ideas just keep coming.

    Here’s another thought. Have you considered the “Local” aspect of search? I’ll tell you that one of the things I’ve grown accustomed to with Yahoo! and Google is that if I search for an address they bring up their mapping/local service as the first result. Any plans to integrate this kind of thing? Or perhaps with all the other stuff going on I’m just missing it…

  3. Yes, we definitely are looking into potential fixes for foreign characters in search. Right now, we are converting them to ascii, but we are indeed looking into a fix that will work throughout our apis.


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