Rebranding and Responding to User Feedback

Almost two weeks ago, Younanimous was featured on Digg. We’ve been hard at work developing new features and ideas generated from the comments and feedback submissions we’ve received. Thank you to those who left us feedback, we sincerely appreciate it!

We would like to present a partial list of features which were requested by our users:

1. Rebranding – Younanimous is now known as AfterVote – which reflects our idea of using social search to vote relevant sites to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Previously, we were known as because we wanted to emphasize user privacy. However, a majority of our users felt the name was too long and hard to remember. Just as before, AfterVote does not save any personal information or search history, and does not require an account. Users are tracked via a salted IP Hash which cannot be used to identify anyone.

2. Blacklist/Whitelist – Are you sick of Wikipedia dominating your results? If so, simply Blacklist it and never see results from them again. On the other hand, if Wikipedia is your primary source of information, Whitelist the site and results from Wikipedia, pertaining to your query, will show up first. You can even place low ranking results to the top. Blacklisting or Whitelisting domains is user-specific and does not affect everyone using AfterVote.

3. Dynamic Sorting – If you want to see how AfterVote’s results compare to Google, Yahoo or MSN you can click their respective icons and instantly see how their results would be displayed.

4. Passive Voting – Unhappy with the results you’re finding? If you continuously visit a site, hit the Back button, and find a more relevant site, our algorithm is able to distinguish whether or not you found a site helpful. It will passively vote for the relevant site and improve our algorithm. If the site was particularly helpful, you can still manually vote for it as well!

5. Weighting System – Give greater weight to the search engines – MSN, Yahoo, or Google – you favor.

Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming features, including: allowing users to use custom CSS stylesheets, static or dynamic widgets, saving search history, and social bookmark integration with public or private settings as well as commenting on results.


One response to “Rebranding and Responding to User Feedback

  1. combining web 2.0 power of social interaction with the usefulness of a search engine could result in either a very good service or a very noisy place, i wish for the first

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