Younanimous is changing names + Updates galore

Do to the (very) popular request of a name change, we are gonna do it. I always felt “you nanimous” was very clever, as it was taking the word unanimous which meant “everyone together agrees” and then applying the ‘you” which would make it more individualistic.
Regardless, in the spirit of being more ‘memorable’ we will henceforth be known as…. AfterVote

No hard spelling, no catchy words.. Just plain and simple, and to the point. We take existing results and vote on them, after initial sorting. Hence, Aftervote.

The current younanimous domains will work, However we will be redirecting them after we feel the new name has caught on.

Anyways, We have been hard at work here to bring you what you want. You can now find in your ‘my settings’ page alot of options that were previously unavailable. We now have weighting per engine, Results Per engine, Dynamic Sort, compete trust ranks, and alot more.

Tonight we will be rolling out a major update as well, Included will be a major speed overhaul (think google speeds) , Opera and Safari fixes, The addition of 50 more plugins (which you will be able to add or remove ala my settings page) , A drastic new UI for all settings pages, Static URLs for configuartions, Indicators for Social Activity (Sort of like the slashdot firehose) and a plethora of minor bug fixes and feature additions.

Stay tuned!

Heres the list of stuff we have recently added.

—Per Engine Weighting
—Fix Social Bookmarking Links
—404 pages
—Fix ‘back button’ issue via ajax
—error handling
— change title on page for search
—install plugin on all pages
—Add Multiple pages ( Ala, 1-2-3-4 next)
—popdown for toolbar
—Add Image search
—Load pr/alexa in group
—widgets are loaded page by page
—scrolling over the install plugin box doesn’t change the mouse when it’s clickable over the x…it’s the I instead of a pointer
—multiline titles fixed once again
—Image preloader installed
—Display result #’s
—fixed some missing images
—image search now has 100 pages
—if you do a search for test then click images, it should just auto search for test on images
—new design
—link to the blog
—only load alexa/pr when page is about to be displayed
—StumbleUpon Directory Listing and Popularity rank
— Traffic and trust rankings
—Settings page – Now you can choose which widgets to have active on searches, Limit File types and Expand supplementals.
—New drop down image for the search plugin install prompt.
—Fixed misc. bugs and spelling errors throughout the site (Still alot more to get though)
—Previous, Next paging issue fixed
—Misc. Bug fixes with loading time issues.
—Beta sorting for dynamic widgets and engines
— widget integration
—Adult search option
—New spiffy AJAX loader style


6 responses to “Younanimous is changing names + Updates galore

  1. Come on Dan, three syllables? 🙂

    I think you guys need to run the “Name a search engine” contest.

    Oh and when will this voting be enabled? I am number two in your results for “Max Tower”? Thats got to be a mistake.

  2. One other thing… Two thumbs up on the adult search option. Filtering the spam sites out of those results is going to make your search engine the best.
    You know porn launched VHS into the mainstream don’t you?

  3. I have to agree with Max, a three syllable domain name? It’s not bad, but not the greatest name either.

    It’s better, though.

  4. I prefer younanimous, don’t change!

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  6. You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

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