Google, You are still part of the problem

For some reason, people judge a search engine based on how many results it finds. When Ron showed Younanimous to his father, He thought it was crap because we only gave 5 pages of results for a term, Vs. finding 1-90999999 on google. Well, I have come to put this to rest- As more isnt always better, and if you actually wade down the pages, You will find that when Google says they have 1 billion results, you may be surprised to see the results end on page 13

For example:

Personalized Results 110 of about 76,800 for younanimous. (0.04 seconds)

Really? 77,000 Results for a term that had under 20 hits 2 weeks ago? Thats a little bit of a shock.  Lets see how many pages we can go.

Oh Mr. Google. I am dissapointed in you. Do you mean to tell me thatyou have 75,000 results in supplemental? Thats a tad crazy isnt it?

The point of this post is that raw hard numbers doesn’t mean a better result for your search term- it just means thousands of copies of the same data, over and over again. This is a major problem with the search engines of today, as so much screen scraping is going on, it is getting difficult for engines like google and msn to know who indeed was the original author.

Take this as a example. Let say, Just as I click ‘post’ to this blog article, Scraper-robot-guy comes and scrapes this post, and blogs it on his own spammer site. Now lets say google indexes his site before mine. How is google to know that the article belongs to this site, and not the scraper?

Thats all for now- Expect many updates today- Hopefully including opera and safari fixes, as well as a bunch of goodies.


2 responses to “Google, You are still part of the problem

  1. excellent post, loved it.

  2. While Google might return a huge chunk of results, say “76,800” as you have said, you only have access for the first 1,000 results for each query, the supplemental ones are mostly/likely to be eliminated from the top results.

    By the way, Younanimous still don’t work on Opera.

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