More updates, and more to come!

Howdy folks,

We have gotten alot done these past few days, and are getting even more done as time goes on. So I will skip the foreplay and get right into it. We have added a settings page, accessible via the top right links on searches, which allows you to alot of cool stuff, including removing widgets you do not want, adding stuff you do, being anonymous, turning on and off safesearch and various other options to enhance your viewing pleasure 🙂

See screenshot below for settings rundown

Now we have another very cool feature, The sorting. Now you can sort results after the fact to your pleasure, by just clicking the icon. Want to see the google results? Just click! Highest alexa first? Click! Pagerank? You got it.

To go back to the default view, just click the younanimous icon.

We have also worked out a deal with, whereas we will have full access to all of the data we could ever need. This gives us such things as a comparison traffic level and if a site is deemed ‘safe’ or not. I encourage all users to checkout, as the results they provide are much more scaled and reliable than alexa in many cases and are sure to be making alot of waves.

Anyways, We plan on adding Blacklisting by domain, subdomain, page only and negative vote, as well as Positive vote for domain, result, and “prioritize this domain” which will make future searches where the is indexed have more priority. (Does that make sense?)

Anyways, thats all for now, unless you count the semi modified look and different ajax loading method! Take care, and keep on searching people!!


One response to “More updates, and more to come!

  1. “My Settings” is a great addition. I like a busy page as much as anyone, but I’m glad I can turn on and off some elements. How about separating files (PDF, DOC, etc.) from page results somehow. Like “Term Found in 15 PDFs, 7 DOCs, etc.” And you can click on each doc type to see those results. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!!!

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