More updates

Today was a busy day. We got on the homepage of popular sites like digg and as well as tons of great blogs. Thank you to everyone who had a kind word to say, and thanks most to the users who are using younanimous. We got alot accomplished today, and we will have even more done tomorrow. We ended up getting around 40,000 unique visitors from all the press today, and I am happy to say that we had no slow down whatsoever. We are working overtime to bring you all the features we promised plus some ones we didnt in the fastest way we know how- Lots and lots of coffee.

Anyways, Here is some new stuff you can play around with, Fresh off the press:

—StumbleUpon Directory Listing and Popularity rank
— Traffic and trust rankings
—Settings page – Now you can choose which widgets to have active on searches, Limit Filetypes and Expand supplementals.
—New drop down image for the search plugin install prompt.
—Fixed misc. bugs and spelling errors throughout the site (Still alot more to get though)
—Previous, Next paging issue fixed

See the new Stumbleupon results below.

See the new search plugin drop below

Also, For anyone who has submitted any feedback, We truely thank you for taking the time to submit your loves and hates for Younanimous. If we have not gotten back to yet, Rest assured we will, As we received over 150 comments just from the feedback form, its taking us some time to go through them all. Thank you once again for helping to make Younanimous be the best search engine available.


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