AfterVote = #1 on “The 100 best undiscovered websites of 2007”

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Long time no post

I updated the Press page with some more recent coverage. I apologize to the sites we missed, as its getting to be a pain updating the thing, I didnt even bother cropping images this time 🙂

There is so much stuff that has been done lately, its a little crazy. As you can see, we released a major update with a UI release. We also have friends and groups coming in within 48 hours. We have just finalized a major deal with a very large website to have aftervote be the exclusive search provider (when I say big site, I mean top 250 alexa) – This will give AfterVote a huge amount of traffic, which will directly place us in the top 10 biggest search engines- Even above some of the behemoths like dogpile and metacrawler.  If you havent stopped by aftervote in a while- go check it out. There is alot of new stuff to play with.

AfterVote – Search Engine of the month


Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, April 2007
AfterVote has been selected as the featured search engine by Read/Write Web. Read more

The beauty of local search

We have finally worked out all the kinks with local search / language specific search. It was more of a PITA than you guys could ever imagine, mainly do to the text matching we do to determine similar results for combination.

Check er out, in all her beauty:

Coming Soon (will elaborate later)

Smart digg + delicious button. (Will display the # of diggs or bookmarks a result has, if it has a entry)

Revenue Sharing model. – The more you search, the more money YOU will make.

Friends + Groups. – This will let you add friends or groups, and everything that would go along with that.

Speed. – Were hoping to get it almost instantaneous.

Commenting – Self explanatory

Accounts – Full profile with avatar

Bookmarking service -1click save your results to aftervote itself.

Some new features to have fun with :)

Its 3am and I am dead tired, but I just have to post about these new features before I crash.

The first thing we did, was add a new feature to hopefully make Aftervote easier to navigate for first time users. The idea is to allow new users to choose a search level, which will only enable certain features, making things (hopefully) easier for them to transition to.

The settings for this work out to be:

Legend: AOA = all of above, RR = Results Returned, SS = Safe Search

Globals = PDF/DOC=No show, Privacy=OFF, Weights=100/100/100, Hide Blacklist

Basic = Result, Summary, URL, Open Supplementals, RR=10/10, SS=On, Voting Frame=OFF
Intermediate = AOA + Commenting, Closed Supplementals, Tagging, Pagerank, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, RR=50/50, SS=On, Voting Frame=ON
Advanced = AOA + Sorting, Closed Supplementals, Black/Whitelist, Alexa, RR=100/100, SS=Off, Voting Frame=ON


Thats not all though, Oh no- its not even close to being done yet.
Say hello to video search, foreign charachter support, major speed improvements, tons of bug fixes and of course -miscellaneous spelling fixes! 😀

Check the Changelog for more info.

I know we have been quiet…

But trust me, There is ALOT of new features coming within the week. We held off on releasing commenting and accounts on Saturday to do more internal testing before we released. However now we are trying to get a giant chunk of our “to do” list done for you guys. This next update is a doozy. Its a killer. But enough hype, Just stay tuned and watch out for the new updates. We should be rolling them out shortly.